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FREE: Interactive Reader: Fluberbia No Prep Novel Unit - STEM and Social Studies Integrated

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Interactive ReaderNovel Included. This is a novel study and a cross-curricular NO PREP unit with STEM, ELA, and math assignments included. It is an original novel that can be printed in packets for students.

Common Core State Standards aligned for the 3rd and 4th grades. 164 pages
Quest Novel for 4th Grade Standards
Message/Morals are Clear
Theme (4th is underlying, but overt)

Purchase hard copy:  Fluberbia No Prep Novel Unit  Hard copies of this quest interactive reader are available - with the current cover and an alternative blue cover with the king, Janie and a Cinderbeast on it - for a discounted price of $125.00 for 25 books - that is $5.00 each. Student will get to keep the book and work pages - highlight, write in margins, etc. The book is 8.5 x 11. Download a free version to see how awesome this interactive reader really is.

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Fluberbia 32

Summary: Janie has trouble sleeping one winter night. When she gets up to roam the house, a mysterious light, from across the street, catches her eye. She quickly goes outside to explore.

The light is radiating from a tiny violet. The smell of the flower is scrumptious. Janie bends to get a better whiff and tumbles down its stem -- falling, falling, falling -- finally to land in a thump in the Kingdom of Fluberbia -- where she meets the Princesses Claire and Julia and the adventure begins. The three embark on a quest to solve the riddles of the Crown of Goodness – to rescue the princesses’ parents and save Fluberbia from the evil Empress Ephora. The fearless friends trick Ogres, battle Cinderbeasts brave the Enchanted Forest and prove that the power of friendship can conquer all!

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Fluberbia 345The protagonist is female; however, this is a classic quest novel with adventure and holds the interest of both the boys and the girls in my class. I've received the same feed back form others. There is an alternative cover for boys if you order a hard copy class set.

Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Vocabulary for 21st Century Teachers 6
Before You Begin: Plot Overview, Theme, Main Characters, Teaching Fluberbia 7
Chapter 1: The Magic Flower 9
Performance Task 1: ELA 11
STEM Tie-In Plant Growth Rate 16
Quick Write Comprehension 23
Constructed Response Comprehension Questions 24
Chapter 2: Down to Fluberbia 25
Janie and Princess Julia: CCSS RL 3.3 29
Constructed Response Comprehension Questions 30
Differentiation Advanced Learning: Making Inferences 31
Storyboard Your Narrative 33
Math Performance Tasks 2 and 3 34
Chapter 3: The Only Way Home – Close Read: Conflict in Literature 37
Chapter 4: The Violet Path 38
Comprehension Questions for Critical Thinking: “The Violet Path” 41
The Violet Path Grammar Corrections 42
Dictionary Skills 43
Math Performance Task 4 44
Chapter 5: The Princess Claire 46
Fluberbian Food 50
Comprehension Questions for Critical Thinking: “The Princess Claire” 51
Chapter 6: Miloph 52
Comprehension Questions for Critical Thinking: “Miloph” 60
Miloph Sentence Strips 61
Socratic Seminar: Teacher Pages and Student Templates 62
Chapter 7: The Journey Begins 65
Fluberbia, So Far…In My Opinion 66
Summary: Four Panel in Pictures 67
Comprehension Questions for Critical Thinking 68
Chapter 8: Flash: Close Reading 69
Write a Summary of Chapter 8 75
Chapter 9: The Stranger 76
Chapter Summary – Fluberbia – Characters, Setting, Plot Problem, Plot Solution 80

And so much more!!!

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti 9873
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti 79
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Fluberbia 937

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti Fluberbia 2469

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti 589

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