Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Go Set a Watchman No Prep Novel Unit

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

The ultimate teaching tool to Harper Lee's best-selling "Go Set a Watchman” by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti. Complete with historical background your students need to fully understand the context of the plot, themes and symbolism -- this guide contains non-fiction assignments, differentiated instruction technique hints and assignments, universal access lessons and interactive notebook templates and that is just the beginning. This unit is print-n-go, no prep.

Each section of the novel is summarized and analyzed and contains comprehension quizzes, Socratic Seminar notes, assignments and much more.

Go Set a Watchman No Prep Novel Unit Digital at www.teachersnotebook.com
Go Set a Watchman No Prep Novel Unit Hard Copy at Amazon.com

Links are included for extra resources -- as well as exclusive access to teaching PowerPoints -- aligned with this essential novel study.

Also includes Timeline Towards Desegregation from 1857 Dred Scott to 1955 Brown vs. Board of Education with R.A.F.T. assignment, historical source document analysis, interactive journal pages and, again, much more.

Table of Contents
A Quick and Dirty Guide to Go Set a Watchman 5
Themes 7
Symbols 8
Characters 9
A Quick and Dirty Guide to Literary Elements 10
R.A.F.T. Assignment – Historical Background Assignment 11
Pre-Reading R.A.F.T Student Pages 14

Go Set a Watchman Novel Unit 17
With Summaries and Analysis for Each Section
Comprehension Quizzes for Each Section
Historical Non-Fiction Text Assignments
Other Assignments and Graphic Organizers
Go Set a Watchman Final Exam 48
Common Core State Standards Literature Assignments 51
Socratic Discussion/Seminar with Rubric 62
Go Set a Watchman Interactive Notebook 65
Templates and Assignments for Universal Access
Answers and Information 102

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