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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Novel Unit

Elizabeth Chapin-PinottiA no-prep novel unit for Mark Twain's classic -- "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." With quizzes, comprehension, literary device study, interactive notebook pages, teaching PowerPoints, source document analysis, social studies tie-ins, and much more, this novel study is the perfect solution for the 21st Century classroom. Differentiated activities and lessons abound in this comprehensive and complete novel study.
Also included are aligned assignments in non‐fiction reading analysis and writing that includes opinion piece analysis on pejorative language, critical non‐fiction and historical document analysis and close reading (Plessy v. Ferguson).
The novel study and non‐fiction assignments are differentiated so all students can access the content of the unit.

1. POWERPOINT: Huck Finn Before the Novel
  • Socratic Irony
  • Author study Irony and Racism
2. POWERPOINT: Plessy v. Ferguson
  • Short PowerPoint for background detail
3. PDF: Huck Finn Before the Story
  • Before the Story “Think and Write” page 1
  • Pejorative Language in Literature Background page 3
  • Assignment: Is Huck or Twain Racist? Page 4
  • Why the “N”‐word page 7
  • Assignment: Opinion Piece Analysis – Pejorative Language Essay Analysis Not Our Right page 8
  • Plessy v. Ferguson and the Jim Crow Laws – assignment introduction
  • Critical Non‐Fiction Close Read – at three levels page 11
    • Differentiated Levels:
      • Blue: Advanced – page 12
      • Purple: General – page 25
      • Teal: English Language Learner and At Risk – page 30
  • Close Reading of Informational Text Rubric – page 33
  • Resources – page 34
4. POWERPOINT: Huck Finn Literary Elements
5. PDF: A Quick Guide Huck and Differentiated Class Lessons
  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to Literary Elements – page 1
  • Assignment: Theme Quick Check Racism and Slavery –page 3
  • Assignment: Theme Quick Check Moral Education – page 5
  • Motifs – page 6
  • Symbols – page 7
  • Non‐Fiction Historical Document Analysis – Declaration of Independence – page 8
  • Chapter‐by Chapter Fluency and Comprehension – With Some Assignments on the side – page 9
    • Fluency Checks
    • Summaries
    • Constructed Response Questions
    • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • End of Book Assessment: ‐‐ page 72
  • Enrichment Project: Huck on Trial – page 74
  • Answers for Multiple Choice Quizzes – page 77
  • Answers for End of Book Assessment – page 78
  • Constructed Response Rubrics – page 79

6. PDF: Appendix A: Huck Interactive Workbook

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Include to print as Workbook: Huck Finn Novel Unit
Part I
  • Before the Story: Think and Write page 1
  • Pejorative Language in Literature page 3
  • Huck Finn is Not a Racist: Evidence Gathering page 5
  • Why the “N” Word page 7
  • Opinion Piece Analysis: Pejorative Language Essay page 8
  • Phips Proclamation page 9
  • Compare, Contrast and Conclude: “N”-word and “R”-word page10
  • Plessy v. Ferguson and the Jim Crow Laws page 11
  • Critical Non-Fiction Close Reading at 3 Differentiated Levels page 12
  • Sources for Huck Finn in Context Curriculum Companion Readings page 3
Part II
  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to Huck Finn Literary Elements page 1
  • Theme Check 1: Racism and Slavery – Assignment page 3
  • Theme Check 2: Moral Education – Assignment page 5
  • Motifs page 6
  • Symbols page 7
  • Non-Fiction Historical Document Analysis page 8
  • Chapter-by-Chapter Fluency and Comprehension and Assignments page 9
  • Both Constructed Response and Multiple Choice Comprehension
  • Fluency Check Summaries for Intervention
  • Huckleberry Finn End of Book Assessment page 72
  • Enrichment Project: Huck Finn on Trial page 74
  • Answers for Multiple Choice Quizzes page 77
  • Huckleberry Finn End of Book assessment answers page 78
Part III
  • Interactive Notebook Cut-Outs
  • Huckleberry Finn Making Inferences CCSS.RL.1
  • Theme Development in Huckleberry Finn CCSS.RL.2
  • Details, Details, Details (and Key Events) – Plot Analysis CCSS.RL.3
  • Character Conflict – Huck CCSS.RL.3
  • Character Conflict – Jim CCSS.RL.3
  • Protagonist vs. Antagonist – Motivation CCSS.RL.3
  • Moving Forward – Quotes CCSS.RL.3
  • Words, Words, Words CCSS.RL.4
  • Figurative Speech in Huckleberry Finn CCSS.RL4
  • Literary Devices and Language CCSS.R4
  • Rhythm and Dialect – CCSS.R4
  • Analyzing the Author’s Word Choices CCSS.RL4
  • Analyzing the Author’s Word Choices Quiz CCSS.RL4
  • Theme and Structure of Huckleberry Finn CCSS.RL5
  • A Bit of Publishing Controversy – Source Document CCSS.W.11-12.1.A
  • Analyzing Dramatic Irony
  • Satire Assignment
  • Interactive Notebook Sample Pages
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Novel Unit - Digital @www.teachersnotebook.com

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