Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Interactive Reader and Novel Unit

Elizabeth Chapin-PinottiThis giant, engaging Print and Go Novel Unit includes:
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Interactive Reader" was designed specifically with 21st Century Learning and the tenants of higher order thinking in mind. The activity infused unit study offers built-in differentiation, is jam-packed with black-line masters that foster student engagement and higher order thinking and is easily adjustable to remedial, gifted and every student in between.

Carroll's beloved novel is laid out, chapter-by-chapter, with questions, literary study, writing activities, source document analysis, links to other resources, Socratic Seminar templates, vocabulary activities, games, interactive notebook pages and a whole lot more! There are also end of book questions and activities as well as in-depth character explanations and information on themes and other literature nuances.

A must-have for any teacher embarking on an "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" unit

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Plot Diagram PowerPoint and Template: A perfect companion to any Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland book study is this Plot Diagram Teaching PowerPoint and student template.

This plot diagram is an organizational tool focusing on a pyramid or triangular shape, used to map the events of a story. This mapping of the plot structure of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland helps students visualize the key features of the story and serves as an engaging, interactive tool.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Guided Paragraph Teaching PowerPoint and Student Template: Perfect for student differentiation and intervention – this PowerPoint helps you walk students through writing a paragraph – that transitions into an essay.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Themes and Motifs Guided Instructional PowerPoint

Perfect for student differentiation and intervention – this PowerPoint helps you walk students the themes and motifs of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Formative Assessment based on Tenniel’s Pictures

An engaging formative assessment has students demonstrating comprehension based on Tenniel’s pictures from the original book!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Interactive Reader Digital @ www.teachersnotebook.com
A hard copy student workbook is also available please email elizabethpinotti@gmail.com for a class set price quote and discount code.
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