Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thomas Jefferson: Views on Slavery and Framing Independence - CCSS Source Document Study and More

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

“Thomas Jefferson: Views on Slavery and Framing Independence” is part of the non-fiction, Common Core State Standards aligned readings and primary source document pamphlet series: Discovering America. 

This is an interactive reader designed to help students read for information and think critically as they form their own thoughts and opinions about United States history. This series allows students to explore history by looking at and interpreting artifacts constructed by the people and events that made history. 

Perfect for any classroom, from guided Fifth Grade through college, this series engages students and prompts them to think for themselves, question, reflect and gain a deeper understanding of the events that shaped the United States of America. Students will experience an inside glimpse of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson – in all of his historical glory and flawed humanity. This publication is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and covers anchor standards as well as standards on writing, reading and literacy across the curriculum.

Students analyze source documents and determine historical outcomes from the words and workings of the people who made history.e

Table of Contents
Interpreting a Source Document Instructions page 7
Declaration of Independence Notes page 8
Letter to Henry Lee page 9‐10
Thomas Jefferson page 12
Annotated: Little Journeys To the Homes of the Great page 13
Letter to John Randolph, August 25, 1775 page 23
Letter to John Randolph, November 29, 1775 page 26
Letter to Benjamin Franklin, August 13, 1777 page 28
Drafting the Declaration page 30
Towards Independence page 37
Annotated from Thomas Jefferson’s Memoir, Correspondence and Miscellanies page 37
Thomas Jefferson and Slavery page 48
Acknowledgments page 57
Notes on Answers page 58

Thomas Jefferson: Views on Slavery and Framing Independence @ www.amazon.com

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