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Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox Novel Unit: Standards Aligned Plus 3 Teaching PowerPoints

Fantastic Mr. Fox Novel Unit 

Elizabeth Chapin-PinottiOver 150 pages of activities, lessons, templates, interactive notebook pages, formative assessments, fluency, comprehension and more.

Differentiated for grades 3-6 – with Common Core State Standards alignment pages for quick reference. 

Plus three teaching PowerPoints: Literary Elements, Plot Diagram and From Sentence Sorting to Essay Writing –a template-based, differentiated guide to writing.

This is an all-inclusive – must have – engaging lesson for all levels. This is a comprehensive novel unit that is research-based and offers high-order reading, writing and thinking activities
Table of Contents

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Fantastic Mr. Fox


A Quick and Dirty Guide to Literary Elements

Fluency and Comprehension
         Fluency – Chapter Summaries 1-2
         Constructed Response Comprehension Quiz Chapters 1-2
         Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz Chapters 1-2
         Fluency – Chapter Summaries 3-4
         Constructed Response Comprehension Quiz Chapters 3-4
         Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz Chapters 3-4
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

         Fluency – Chapter Summaries 5, 6, 7 and 8
         Constructed Response Comprehension Chapters 5, 6, 7 & 8
         Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz
         Fluency – Chapter Summaries 9-13
         Constructed Response Comprehension Quiz Chapters 9-13
         Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz Chapters 9-13
         Fluency – Chapter Summaries 14-18
         Constructed Response Comprehension Quiz Chapters 14-18
         Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz Chapters 14-18

Part I: Differentiated Lessons/Activities

         How the Character Drives the Plot Forward RL.2
         Character Analysis Comparison RL.3
         Plot Development – Character Actions RL.3
         Literary Elements Part 1 RL.3
         Dialogue Dissection RL.3
         Word Choices: Meaning Over the Span of the Text RL.4        
         Structure: Foreshadowing and Feedback RL.5
         Book vs. Movie RL.7
         Performance Task: Fantastic Mr. Fox “Animals Who Burrow”
Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Part 2: Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages

         FMF Interactive Notebook Pages Student Table of Contents
         Teacher Page CCSS RL.1
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL1
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL.2 and W.1
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL.3
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL.4
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL.5
         Differentiated Interactive Notebook Pages RL. 6 and RL.7
Daily Reading and Writing Warm-Ups
Rubrics, Answers and Interactive Notebook Page Samples

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